Make Saving a Priority in 2024

It’s never too late (or too early) to start saving for your future. With the new year upon us, what better time to reassess your finances and take steps towards investing your money wisely.  

You’re probably thinking “I’ve tried to simply ‘save more more,’ and it’s gone poorly in the past.” Well yes, saving money can feel like an uphill battle. But what if you had a secret weapon? A map, a compass, a lighthouse guiding you through the calendar year? That’s exactly what setting a New Year’s saving resolution can be. 

Ditch the “save more” mantra, we find it’s like trying to navigate with a blindfold. Instead, plant a flag in the distance, wherever that may be. A vacation, a rainy day fund, a new home, etc. This becomes your North Star, your reason to weather every financial squall.

Next, transform your goal into a blueprint. Research, estimate, and break it down into bite-sized milestones. This clarity turns saving from a nebulous chore into a strategic game.

Define your savings goals for the year or even by quarter, then work backwards to figure out how much money you should move into your savings account each month.

Now, hold yourself accountable. Consistency is key to forming new habits. Every dollar saved is a brick laid on your financial foundation. Find a savings schedule that works for you, and stick to it. If it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or every month, be sure to stick to the plan. Even when money is tight, you can always decrease the amount saved, but don’t sell yourself by not investing in your future.  

But don’t forget the fun! Celebrate every milestone. Put your savings into perspective. Knowing that daily coffee runs can wait while your future self sips piña coladas. This conscious effort isn’t restrictive; it’s empowering, a deliberate investment in your dreams. Celebrating these mini-victories, every time you transfer money into a savings account, nourishes your motivation and reminds you why you’re on this adventure.

Finally, visualize the finish line. Picture yourself reaching your goal. Whether you’re moving into your dream home, or letting the good times roll on your dream getaway. Imagine the feeling of sitting atop a fortress of financial resilience, that you built brick-by-brick, drop-by-drop.

So, ditch the ambiguity of “save more.” And remember, by the time 2025 rolls around, you’ll be basking under the shade of your own financial oasis.

Need help getting to your financial oasis? Contact us, and let our team of financial experts get you there.

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