Master Your Money with Podcasts!

At Sweet Home Federal Credit Union, we’re passionate about empowering you to reach your financial goals.  Whether you’re budgeting for a dream vacation, saving for retirement, or tackling student loans, knowledge is key. Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn about personal finance on the go, during your commute, workout, or while relaxing at home.

Here are some of our favorite financial podcasts, categorized to fit your specific needs:

Financial Fitness Boot Camp:

  • The Ramsey Show: No-nonsense host Dave Ramsey offers tough love and practical advice to help you get out of debt and build wealth.
  • BiggerPockets Money: Dive deep into personal finance, real estate investing, and achieving financial freedom with experts Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen.
  • Clark Howard Podcast: Consumer champion Clark Howard shares tips on saving money, navigating credit scores, and avoiding scams.

Investing 101:

  • We Study Billionaires: Learn the strategies and mindsets of successful investors by unpacking the decisions of the world’s wealthiest.
  • The Motley Fool Money: Stay informed on the latest market news and stock picks with the Motley Fool crew.
  • Invest Like the Best: Interviews with top investors offer valuable insights for building a strong portfolio.

Making Money Fun (and Informative):

  • So Money with Farnoosh Torabi: Engaging host Farnoosh Torabi tackles personal finance with a relatable and lighthearted approach.
  • Planet Money: National Public Radio’s award-winning podcast uses quirky storytelling to explain complex economic concepts with humor.
  • Afford Anything: Learn how to achieve financial freedom and travel the world with host Paula Pant.

Remember, this is just a starting point! There are countless fantastic financial podcasts out there.  Explore different shows, find hosts whose styles resonate with you, and enjoy the journey to financial wellness.

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